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Background & Technology of Bio Balance Technology

Bio Balance Technology offers cutting edge technology that promotes a new way of developing, enhancing and protecting a high level of health and harmony within high performance horses.

This bio information technology was developed over the past 20 years in Germany and Switzerland.

Years of investigation have led to the special composition of the spectrum of information included in PegaSUN.


PegaSUN – Holistic Horse Bio Balance

Horses, like humans and other living beings, have an electromagnetic as well as a material body. In recent scientific research, the electromagnetic body was revealed as a dissipative structure of standing waves, comparable to a cavity resonator. The resonant frequencies of the electromagnetic body oscillate to control the body’s functions on different levels (cell level, organ level, and brain level, to control the whole organism). These frequencies are, of course, specific to different species.

Bio resonance research by our company has determined the optimum frequencies for horses. PegaSUN enhances and regulates the total wellbeing of the horse at all levels. PegaSUN also provides protection against factors that may impair their health or compromise their optimum performance. The principle of bio-resonance recognizes that a living body’s specific frequencies can be stimulated and stabilized by external signals.

Through the regular use of PegaSUN carrier pills the immune system is stabilized and strengthened. Vulnerability to common equine diseases and disorders is reduced, mental and behavioural problems improved and balanced.


What is holistic horse bio-balance?

It’s a completely new approach towards stabilizing the health and condition of horses. It neutralizes negative factors and so aids the animal to cope with the inherent stress a valuable breeding or performance horse is exposed to.

Bio-balance works on a purely bio-energetic level – building up immunological resistance and creating unimaginable results.

It’s not a medication (not even homeopathic) - it offers a perfect spectrum of valuable data to any horse. The horse’s organism automatically selects the necessary data and uses it on both mental and energetic levels. Energy is strengthened and continually stabilized.

It offers a complete pattern of peak wellbeing at a subatomic energy level for the horse to access for its own individual needs. It is also an excellent prophylactic. In horses in high performance work, impressive results can be noticed in just a few weeks.


PegaSUN is based on carrier pills & sunlight

PegaSUN is made of pure luminic information, which is encoded into the carrier pills at a subatomic level and organized in a way that transmits the necessary information to the body. This way a state of lasting regeneration is produced in the horse.

PegaSUN is sun for horses, because pure revitalizing sunlight is impregnated into each carrier pill – an elixir of life for each horse. The pills are capable of storing data from the sunlight and this is a vital source of strength.


Through a special process the pills are freed from all negative frequencies, which could be harmful for the horse’s health and wellbeing: They are deeply impregnated with special information, which the horse can absorb through its saliva, transmitting this immediately to the brain. Through this process the horse’s own regenerating forces are strengthened, the immune system is stabilized and immune resistance grows daily.

Vulnerability to common equine diseases is reduced with the regular intake of PegaSUN. The small daily dose (<0,5 grams) is a sweet treat for your horse, which cannot harm it in any way.



The best way to offer information to a body is to imprint it in water or an aqueous solution. This is because the body itself is made up of approximately 70% of water, resulting in an optimum resonance effect in the body.

The extraordinary dielectric properties of water render it a first class information carrier. The ability to store frequency information for the benefit of horses in a stable form has been found by imprinting it into cane sugar carrier pills. Cane sugar contains important OH-groups (oxygen-hydrogen) possessing compatible polarization with those OH-groups in water (hydrogen-oxygen-hydrogen). This makes the combination a perfect carrier of information.

The information is passed into water when the pill is dissolved. The water, drunk by the horse, then gives it the frequency signals needed for health and wellbeing. PegaSUN’s information imprinted pills are dramatically outside and beyond the general field of treatments. They underpin the integrity of the horse’s organism on all levels. PegaSUN should be a daily supplement in every horse’s drinking water.

Simply dissolve one pill in a glass of water. This will take up to 10 minutes to dissolve. Add this solution to the horse’s drinking water. Alternatively put one pill in a piece of apple and serve it to the horse.

Note that ONE pill equals the daily dosage for ONE healthy horse as a health maintenance program. Please make sure to administer a regular daily intake. If your horse is injured or sick higher doses (up to 20 pills daily) are appropriate.


PegaSUN is not…

  • a medication, neither does it take the place of necessary drugs (but many owner reduce dosage)

  • a food supplement either as a vitamin or mineral base, although it does help with the absorption of food and aids and balances the metabolism

PegaSUN does not contain any doping substance and does not produce any secondary effects because it does not act as a medication – it helps the horse as a whole.



1 horse 1 year          500      PegaSUN        NZ$  215.-  plus shipping

5 horses  1 year        2500    PegaSUN        NZ$  950.-  plus shipping

20 horses 1 year       10000  PegaSUN        NZ$ 3225.-  plus shipping


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