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Background & Technology of Bio Balance Technology

Biological balance is a key technology of the future. The term “bio balance” is used here to describe the fundamental structural order of a living system also called the blue print of life. In Biophysics this order is seen as the underlying basis for all physical, chemical and biological processes. The integrity of these balance structures is outwardly visible in conditions of health and wellbeing, or illness and disease.

Bio Balance Technology offers cutting edge technology that promotes a new way of developing, enhancing and protecting a high level of health and harmony within high performance horses.

This bio information technology was developed over the past 20 years in Germany and Switzerland.

Years of investigation have led to the special composition of the spectrum of information included in PegaSUN.

Horses, like humans and other living beings, have an electromagnetic as well as a material body. In recent scientific research, the electromagnetic body was revealed as a dissipative structure of standing waves, comparable to a cavity resonator. The resonant frequencies of the electromagnetic body oscillate to control the body’s functions on different levels (cell level, organ level, and brain level, to control the whole organism). These frequencies are, of course, specific to different species.

Bio resonance research by our company has determined the optimum frequencies for horses. PegaSUN enhances and regulates the total wellbeing of the horse at all levels. PegaSUN also provides protection against factors that may impair their health or compromise their optimum performance. The principle of bio-resonance recognizes that a living body’s specific frequencies can be stimulated and stabilized by external signals.


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