“Hedgehog”, 18 year old Thoroughbred gelding.

Hedge is a retired eventer, whose competitive career spanned over 10 years, including show jumping, cross country and dressage at various levels and all round the North Island. He was retired last year due to back problems. He is usually visited at least once a month by an Equine Cranio-Sacral Therapist who works to release tight spots from the head right to the tail. Hedge responds well to this but it is always only a short term fix.

I started Hedgehog on PegaSUN on the 11th October 2008, giving him one PegaSUN pill in a piece of apple every second day for 6 weeks. The results were noticeable within three doses, and from there he kept improving as the weeks went by. Hedge developed a new lease of life, galloping around the paddock bucking and kicking like he used to. His weight has stabilised very well and for this time of the year, he is heavier than he has been for years without the requirement for supplement feeding, just on grass...


“Speedy”, 5 year old Thoroughbred mare.

Speedy was given to us as a fully trained race horse with a tendon injury in her front leg. Following rest for 3 months on flat ground to allow the injury to recover, she was moved to another paddock where she proceeded to develop abscesses in her hoof. Abscesses are very common around the beginning of summer as the ground dries out and hardens, the hooves are more sensitive at this time. Speedy does not wear shoes so she is more at risk than horses that do have shoes. Speedy got to the point where she was just managing to get around on three legs because of the build up of pressure in her hoof from the abscesses brewing. Due to a lack of facilities, all I could do was dig out the infected areas of the hoof and spray with Iodine. I decided to try Speedy on PegaSUN during this time, also giving her one sugar pill every second day but only for two weeks. She made a full recovery in this time, and considering the severity of her lameness, it was a very quick recovery. This is thanks to the PegaSUN she was given.


“Mr T”, 4 year old Thoroughbred gelding.

Mr T is also an ex race horse who was taken to Massey University in Palmerston North for knee surgery. He was x-rayed and found to have a fracture at the base of his cannon bone, right at the junction of his knee. Surgery was performed and screws were put in place to hold the fracture together. He required being box rested for 3 months, and the one time he was taken for a short walk, his knee blew up badly and he went lame again. I started him on PegaSUN on 13th October and gave him one sugar pill every day for 7 days then added one globule into his drinking water every day for a further 14 days. He responded extremely well to this treatment and I continued to give him one pill every second day for another 2 weeks. At the end of the course he was able to be out grazing in a flat paddock all day and coming into the stable at nights for one month and now he is out grazing on the hills with the other horses and doing really well.

Kate Urlich, veterinary nurse, Wellington, New Zealand


PegaSUN 1 year dos.






























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