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1 unit is per 20 packages (500 globules each)  in plastic bags

Recommended Customer Sales Price per Package:  $ 215.00

Retailer Price List:

1       unit       NZ$     2´800.00   +GST

2       units     NZ$      5´050.00   +GST
4       units     NZ$      8´585.00   +GST

10     units      NZ$    17´170.00   +GST

20      units     NZ$    30´900.00   +GST

+ shipping costs (NZ$ 25.- - 45.-)
no GST applies out of New Zeland!

Please place your order request by using the contact form 

or pay with PAYPAL (up to 4 units) below  (for more than 4 units ask for our bank account)

Conditions apply. (terms&conditions)

PegaSUN resale prices







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